Friday, March 6, 2015

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Flying from JFK to LGA

Bad weather around New York forced some flights to divert from LGA to JFK.  Not a bad option if passengers are permitted to deplane.  It does create a silly situation of flights from JFK to LGA.  There were at least 8 earlier this week.  If I were diverted and not in a rush, I'd try to take that flight, just to say I flew from JFK to LaGuardia once.  Besides, it's only a 16 minute flight (11 miles direct, 65 miles flown for UA 682). 
UA 682 - JFK to LGA, from

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Dilemma of Fuel Surcharges with British Airways’ Miles

I’d like to fly to London or Paris this spring for vacation and since I have a six figure British Airways Avios miles balance, I naturally thought I could use them to fly direct to London from Denver.  I’m most excited about flying British Airways’ premium economy class; even though they have a newer business class and I have the miles for it.  I’ve never flown premium economy on any carrier (extra leg room seats on domestic airlines are not premium economy) and I think this product will take up more space on aircraft in the future.
British Airways 787 in Austin, Texas
Premium economy class has different seats than economy class, but aren’t as good as business class.  Usually they are wider, 7 across rather than 9, and have more legroom and better recline.  Only Air New Zealand has flat beds in premium economy, other carriers offer recliners with a foot rest.  The catering up upgraded too and larger luggage allowances are provided.
Lufthansa is Adding Premium Economy Seats Too
The problem is the taxes and fees on the reservation.  The fare is 75,000 miles for the round trip then British Airways adds $805 in taxes and fees, including carrier fuel surcharges.  To pay with cash, the premium economy fare is $2,500, so 75,000 miles save me $1,700.  That’s about 2.27 cents per mile; not bad value, but not great either.  I then searched for economy fares and I can fly round trip in coach, with a stop each way, for only $860.  $55 more in cash, no miles spent, miles earned (credited to Delta unfortunately), and I still visit London.  I think I’ll just pay cash and go coach.
Delta Only Has Business and Coach

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Delta Has The Wrong Idea About Me

Delta ran an ad for their TechOps MRO service in my twitter feed.  I'm not in a position make this type of purchase decision and I wonder what my browser history had in it to make this ad appear.
Unexpected Twitter Ad

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Indianapolis Airport Art Display

The Indianapolis airport, IND, has a world class collection of art on display in the terminal.  Here's a few examples.
Direct from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum
Indy 500 Roadster

Monday, February 23, 2015

United Airlines Economy to Oslo & Back

I flew to Oslo again just for the miles and only spent 90 minutes in Norway before returning.  I did this trip once before for miles and enjoyed it very much because I was upgraded to business class.  This time was different, I was stuck in coach, an exit row, but still coach.  It wasn't too bad though.  On the way out, I had an empty middle seat and on the way back I had my own row.  Being able to spread out helps more than I expected and I was also able to enjoy a movie and sleep well.  Alcohol in coach to Europe on United is not free, otherwise the catering could be described as decent.  Next time I go to Norway, I'll leave the airport and not go in the depths of winter. 
United Coach Breakfast to Europe
United Coach Lunch from Europe - Beer Costs Extra
United Coach Dinner to Europe
I Was Upgraded to EWR on a 757

Friday, February 20, 2015

United Airlines First Class Lunch - 2015

Always take the soup, it won't disappoint.  Unfortunately, the meals in first class this year are mundane and bland.  United can learn a ton from Lufthansa's catering team.  Here's a few examples of filling, but uninspired meals I've seen this year.
Ham and Cheese
Asian Chicken Salad
Chicken Wrap