Sunday, November 30, 2014

United Airlines Store Discount Code - 10% Off

The United Shop is running a modest sale for Cyber Monday. Great for people who were going to buy something anyway, but not worth making an unplanned purchase.  Use promo code HOLIDAYFRIENDLY for 10% off your order. Promo code is valid only on December 1, 2014 from 12:00 am EST to 11:59 pm EST.
United Express Taking Over Denver

Friday, November 28, 2014

Lost in Conversion

This doesn't seem like a very good deal to advertise.  Maybe Holiday Inn mixed up their currencies? The hotel is close to a metro stop and has a communist feel, but I doubt that justifies the price.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

United MileagePlus Merchandise Award Sale

The best value frequent flyer awards, usually international premium cabin travel, are never guaranteed.  I searched recently and couldn't find any business class award space for two to Munich for the summer.  Even domestic coach awards are not a sure thing.  Merchandise awards provide less value per mile, but are always in stock and now on sale.  A Tumi Alpha 2 Continental Expandable 4-Wheel Carry-On is on sale for 51,400 United miles.  50,000 miles can buy two round trip flights in North America, worth $800 or more, while the bag retails for $645.  1.2c per mile isn't the best value, but the added value is that the merchandise award is available.
Award Space Not Always Available

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Holiday Shopping Sale for Aviation Geeks

The Boeing Store is offering up to 25% orders.  This is similar to how Boeing sells airplanes, the more you buy, the lower the price.  No month long series of negotiations over maintenance and spares is needed for buying shirts, hats, and models; just order before the end of the month.  This is a great time to save $100 or more on a PacMin model.  Smaller orders might benefit from waiting for a free shipping promotion.
Beoing Is Not Selling These at a Discount
As a reminder, the US Airways Company Store still has the 75% off clearance sale, use coupon code: CLOSING. I’ve placed several orders from both the Boeing Store and US Airways store and had great experiences with both.

Friday, November 21, 2014

I Paid $90 to Move 13,000 Status Miles into 2015

I booked a mileage run trip two months ago because I did the math and I was running about 12,000 miles short on my status goal.  I bought a round trip to Oslo, with connections at SFO and EWR, for $850 and relaxed knowing I was one weekend of flying away from my 2014 status goal.
Major Airline in Oslo
The last two months did not go as expected and I collected 13,000 status miles.  Now my flight to Oslo looks like wasted money.  Taking the trip would put me 10,000 miles and $2,000 away from the next status level.  My initial idea was to plan on the flight being canceled because of snow at EWR; when it snows, United cancels the narrow body flights before the wide body flights.  This idea was too much of a gamble for me.
United Airlines Aircraft in Houston
I started looking for ways to move the trip, and miles, to 2015 so I can have a jump on status next year.  I searched for flights to Oslo in January because I’m dropping a peg in status and will earn more redeemable miles taking the trip before status downgrades February 1.  Also anything March or later was out, no matter how cheap, because United moves to earning award miles based on fare price rather than distance.  Flying on a $100 fare (and $750 in taxes and fees) would result in very few award miles and remove most of the value from the trip.  I luckily found cheap weekend flights in January, so cheap that the $300 change fee was offset by the $210 in fare savings.  I now have a head start on 2015 status for a mere $90.  There are still many cheap weekend trips in January and February, so happy hunting.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Coupons!!! - JetBlue and Frontier

In case you missed these in the flurry of pre-Back Friday deal emails, Jet Blue and Frontier Airlines sent out some good coupon codes this morning.  Discounts on fares only, extras are still extra.

JetBlue promo code: WINTER14
Save 20% off the base fare of a domestic one way or roundtrip JetBlue flight or 15% off the base fare of an international one way or roundtrip JetBlue flight (nonstop or connecting) originating from the United States (including Puerto Rico) to any JetBlue city between 12/2 - 12/18/14 and 1/6 - 2/11/15 (blackout dates 1/19/15). Excludes travel on Friday/Sunday. Code (case-sensitive) is valid only for flights purchased on

Frontier promo code: FLIP12
Frontier will offer a 12% discount  until 11:59 pm Eastern time Nov. 19, 2014. The discount will apply to regular and sale fares for domestic travel. Tickets must be purchased online at using the promo code FLIP12. 
I don't have a picture of Flip the dolphin, so here's the turtle

Monday, November 17, 2014

United Copies Delta's Mileage Program & Stock Performance

United Airlines copied another aspect of Delta's Skymiles program when United changed their minimum spend for status requirement from 10c per mile to 12c per mile flown (fare not including tax and partner airline spending don't count).  $25,000 in annual spend on the MileagePlus credit card or a foreign address will waive this requirement. Another unwelcome development in the new MileagePlus program, but not as traumatizing as charging more for partner awards.
Delta 757 and A320
This move was not unexpected, United has been copying Delta for a while now.  Even Wall Street has noticed and UAL now copies DAL.  Now if United could copy Delta's operational performance, this copy cat behavior won't be entirely negative.
One Year Performance of UAL & DAL, Google Finance