Saturday, May 14, 2016

American Airlines' New 737-800 First Class

The shortest flight of my 30,993 mile RTW trip was the first leg from Denver to Dallas.  Originally scheduled as a flat bed 757-200, the aircraft type was changed to a 737-800 a few weeks before departure.  This was a step down, but not as far as thought. I lucked out and got an almost brand new 737.  
New 737 < Old 757
I couldn’t tell from the outside, but once I stepped in, I noticed the Boeing Sky Interior bins and impressive looking new style seats. These were the best part of the flight. The TV screen was large and sharp.  The aircraft was loaded with movie selections and I was able to fit in The Godfather on my way to Dallas. The seats were a little closer together than I'd like, but the person in front didn't recline.
Great TV and Video Options
Nice New Option
The flight was blocked at 2:05 and flew during dinner hours, so I ate light in the Admirals Club (not difficult). I was anticipating a hot meal service with two entree options.  I was wrong. Cheese plate or a fruit plate were the options. Not bad as a starter, but that was it. Dejected, I enjoyed an amazing film and beer.  The flight landed soon after my movie and I was off to the QANTAS lounge for the most anticipated flight of the trip.
That's it?
American’s new first class seats put United’s new offering to shame. United has better meal service and a less chaotic boarding experience.  It’s hard to choose a better option, because no one is being upgraded anyway.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

DIY Around the World Award Trip

I cashed in about 250,000 miles and flew around the world last month.  The trip was four one way awards, not a formal around the world award ticket. I feel like it gave me better value (way cheaper) and more flexibility (could book on different alliances).  With American’s devaluation staring me down, I decided to redeem almost all my AAdvantage miles on an epic adventure. 
Thanks For The Motivation
I went DEN-DFW-SYD-AKL in business class for about 65,000 American miles.  Premium cabin award space to Australia is very difficult to find, so the DFW-SYD seat I found drove the timing of the trip.  From there I flew AKL-SYD-PER on QANTAS with 17,500 American miles for business class.  I wanted the direct on Air New Zealand’s 787, but no business class space was available and coach with United miles was the same price as business with AA.  Perth to Cape Town, via JNB, was 85,000 United miles and good value. The other options were via Asia and North Africa.  Cape Town to Denver was 100,000 AA miles for first class on British Airways via London.  This was the best value because the ticket was only 25,000 more miles than London to Denver and I was in first for an extra 12 hours.
I Love Sydney Airport

Enjoy some photos, I’ll have more detailed posts soon.
Thanks oneworld As Well

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Happy Travels

It's time to fly was a better slogan than the new friendly campaign.
United Had Better Marketing Before This Tail Logo

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Air Mauritius Paid Upgrade Offer

Air Mauritius will sell you an upgrade from Cape Town to Mauritius for ZAR1,600 any day. That's about $107 and great value for a 4.5 hour flight. It's an A319, so don't expect flat beds, but the meal, space, and lounge would be worth it.
CPT-MRU Up Front for an Extra $107

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

First Class Fun on QANTAS

It's better to fly first, especially in an emergency. The guy on the safety card seems to enjoy the brace position.
Remember to Wink and Smile in an Emergency

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Fun Photo

It's snowing in Denver this weekend. I'm dreaming of warmer destinations like LGB.
Post Long Beach Grand Prix Flight From LGB