Wednesday, November 23, 2011 - When You Need a Channel 9 Fix

One of my favorite memories of flying as a kid was United Airlines’ channel 9 feature that lets you listen to cockpit air traffic control communications.  I’d even pester my parents to buy the $2 headphone tube (remember the rubber tube type?) before takeoff so I could listen from taxi to landing.  Channel 9 and a window seat kept me occupied for hours and it still does. 

You can recreate the experience with; it lets you listen into different ATC channels around the world.  I like ORD Tower, ORD Approach, and SFOTower, but there are lots to pick from.  The site uses ground based scanners, so their coverage is not complete.  I like streaming it when working on occasion; its good background noise that helps me focus.  I’ve used it at BOS too while watching the runways from my favorite spot in all Massachusetts, the walkway between B and C gates.  There is a great view of the field, rocking chairs, and power outlets.  Best place to kill time at BOS since there is nothing really to do post security.

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