Wednesday, May 23, 2012

JP Morgan Palladium Card Events

The JP Morgan Palladium card always does things better and last week they out did themselves.  JP Morgan mailed me an invitation for a series of receptions at Christie’s in New York.  The event I attended was wonderful.  About 250 other people joined me for a function focused on Latin American painting, just casually looking at works with appetizers and drinks (amazing DeLeón Tequila).  All of this was free and not open to the public; a truly exclusive event.
Christie's New York JP Morgan Palladium Card Event
Other credit cards, from Chase and others, offer what they term “exclusive” events.  A typical event would be a wine tasting or dinner that would cost about $150 a person.  More of a gimmick than an actual benefit.  I’ve never signed up for one of those events, but they provide an excellent contrast to make the JP Morgan Palladium card look better.  The Palladium card is the best credit card and I am thrilled to have one.

(I'd like to thank Mary from Pies Etc. for the picture; her superior eye and iPhone 4Gs are appreciated.)

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  1. mehhhh - "The Palladium card is the best credit card and I am thrilled to have one" - as a Palladium card holder, we both know that was hard to type with a straight face - I still only keep my account open because of the big Credit Limit - we both know there are no benefits that make this card worthy of a $595 AF