Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Brussels Airlines to Start Flights to Antarctica

Brussels Airlines, the Belgian national airline, announced today the opening of a new scheduled flight route between Brussels and Antarctica during the winter season.
A first in the history of aviation. As part of its new commercial strategy, Brussels Airlines adds Antarctica to its network to offer an even wider choice of destinations from its hub, Brussels Airport. Between October 27, 2014 and March 29, 2015, it will be possible to visit this continent with its unique landscapes. The new destination is announced just after the addition of 11 other new destinations earlier this year: Ajaccio, Athens, Bari, Bastia, Cagliari, Figari, Krakow, Malta, Montpellier, Sevilla and Warsaw.
The Antarctic continent, previously unknown to the general public, contains an immeasurable wealth: its fauna and flora consist of many fascinating species. In addition, it is a beacon for scientists from around the world. Tourists have the choice between many activities: snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, taking a sea cruise or visiting the Princess Elisabeth base, the Belgian scientific polar research station in Antarctica.
Brussels Airlines will operate one flight per week (Sundays) between Brussels Airlines and Antarctica with an Airbus A330. In order for its operations to proceed as efficiently and safely as possible, the airline has invested in the construction of a runway on which the aircraft will be able to land on its wheels. The flight makes a technical stop in Luanda (Angola), one of Brussels Airlines’ 19 African destinations. The intermediary landing is necessary to refuel the aircraft and provide new catering, but also to do an exchange of cabin crews. At the occasion of the opening of this new route, the uniform has been adapted and features (faux) fur to deal with the cold temperatures upon arrival.
Brussels Airlines is working closely with a renowned hotel chain to open a hotel in Antarctica to accommodate its passengers. There is a real demand for this destination, both for tourists and for scientists. Brussels Airlines will be the first company to offer scheduled flights between Europe and Antarctica during the winter season, which is paradoxically the least cold period of the year on the continent.
Flight Schedule (in local times):
Brussels – Antarctica (via Luanda)10h45 7h45 (+1)
Antarctica – Brussels (via Luanda) 9h156h15 (+1)

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