Thursday, February 11, 2016

10 Wide in Coach on 777's

The 777 aircraft hasn't grown any wider since it's launch in 1995, but an extra seat in each row has been wedged in. United Airlines was the first 777 operator and had 9 wide seating in coach. Airlines have since increased seating density and now I'm wary of booking a 777 if it isn't not 9 across. Rumor has it that United wants to go 10 wide with their 777-300's on order. This will make me miss the 747 even more; the cabin is 25 in wider than the 777 and has 10 wide seating.
SWISS Wants Less Room in Coach
SWISS is showing off their new 777-300ER in emails, but I was disappointed to see they were 10 wide in coach. Interestingly, there was no premium economy seating.

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