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Friday, April 13, 2012

United Airlines Domestic First Class Lunch

Soup's on!  The soup on United Airlines was the only redeemable quality of the in flight meal experience in First class on my flight that day.  I took an A320 from LGA to DEN and had the choice between a cold chicken salad and a warm wrap.  I went with the wrap, my seatmate had the salad.  Both wound up looking gross.  It was edible, but I wouldn’t recommend it on the ground.  The soup served was a cream of something and very good.  The cookie was an oatmeal raisin and I passed.  It’s hard to screw up fruit and United didn’t mess it up.  The roll was ok too.  It turned out to be filling and a great excuse to load up on wine, so the meal wasn't that bad.  Lufthansa and other European carriers do a much better job with catering, even on 90 minute flights.
United Airlines Domestic First Class Meal A320
United food isn’t always awful; there was a cold pasta and chicken meal on red eye flights last year that was great, even by on the ground standards.  Here is a fun picture from take off.  I took some cool pictures and had a nap, so the flight wasn't a total disappointment.
Taking off from LGA, United A320 First Class

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Making the Best of a Bad Situation, New York Flying

New York is one of my least favorite destinations as far as airports at least.  There are plenty of choices, but never one that looks appealing.  Pricing, distance to destination, connections, and other issues combine to make for a miserable experience. 

LaGuardia Airport
LGA is usually your best option because it is a quick trip to Queens and Manhattan with lots of flights 1,000 miles and shorter.   The terminal facilities can be better, it’s almost impossible to find a seat with a view and there is nothing worth eating post security.  You also have to take the M60 bus to catch a train into the city.  The FAA imposes antiquated restrictions on flight distances, so rule out direct from the west coast.  Further, there is a curfew and you’ll be landing at JFK if you miss it.  There are two runways and lots of traffic, so be prepared for a long taxi during rush hour or if there is weather.
Walk long enough and you can get a window seat at LGA

Newark Airport
Newark isn’t that far from Manhattan, but going to New Jersey never sounds appealing.  It’s a $14 train ride from the airport to Penn Station and from there the subway system awaits.  Not all that inconvenient really.  The terminals are spacious with good views, ample seating, and a wide array of food options.  Delays aren’t that bad either.  It does take about 2 hours to get from Queens to your gate.  Best option for connecting.
Heavy jets at EWR

JFK Airport
It’s like Heathrow, every flag carrier flies there and there is no simple connection.  Delta and JetBlue own JFK on the domestic flights.  No one carrier owns international, but Delta is strongest.  Getting into Manhattan or joining the subway network can be done by rail.  However connecting to LGA is a pain as there is no direct way to do it.  The airport itself is pleasant and has great plane spotting.

Long Island MacArthur Airport
US Airways props to PHL and Southwest are your two options.  It is out in Islip and a good option if you are going to Long Island.  There’s a train to get you into NYC, but it’s a long trip.  Southwest has been scaling back their operations as they grow in LGA and EWR.  I don’t think they will abandon this airport, but it is part of the retired Southwest model of driving to a secondary airport for lower fares and doesn’t fit with their new priorities.