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Monday, December 3, 2012

United Express ERJ145 Exit Row

Exit rows are the first class of Southwest Airlines and 50 seat regional jets. The ERJ-145 has a ton of leg room in row 12 and is my favorite 50 seat jet. It feels much more spacious than the CRJ-200, it's main competitor.  You can really notice the difference, especially on longer flights.
Exit Row 12 on United Express ERJ-145
United Express ERJ Going to Chicago

Friday, February 17, 2012

Routine Flying in 2012

I’d like to think that I frequently fly foreign carries to far away destinations, but over 95% of my flights are domestic hops.  Also, thanks to the glut of elite flyers trying for upgrades, I’ve sat in coach on over 90% of my flights this year.  This is routine flying.  The basic Denver to Chicago for work type flights that generate the miles needed for grand adventures. 
US Airways Jets at Boston Logan
So how do I do I fly 22,000 miles in coach in two months?  Business trips are the foundation.  Denver to Chicago, White Plains, Newark, and White Planes again help build miles at no cost to me.  Also I booked two weekend trips just for the miles.  I found some cheap fares (about 2c a redeemable mile) and booked the flights to build my mileage balance, for a little vacation, and get a head start on elite status. 
United 757 Night Landing at EWR
The United and Continental merger has also made upgrades much more difficult to obtain.  There is the same number of first class seats on each plane, but now an entire extra airline worth of customers trying to grab the seats.  It used to be easy to clear upgrades a few days out on bigger planes like 767s and 757s, but now they are clearing at the gate if at all.  It is also taking some of the fun out of flying; airline food is quite decent these days.  At least the lounges have plenty of space (thank you JP Morgan Palladium card).
US Airways Lounge in Charlotte 
So how do you make the best of a suboptimal situation?  Relax.  That is the most important key to traveling.  Calm down and go with the flow.  My next key is to grab a window seat.  I feel like they have more space and as long as I think that; they will (I also believe in the power of extra strength placebos).  Some good reading material helps, so does a pillow, blanket, and eye mask for overnight flights.  Stay hydrated; the air in planes is very dry and you should be actively counteracting that.  Lastly, try to enjoy the magic of flight.  100 years ago, a nonstop flight from coast to coast was just a dream.  

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Aspirational Aspects of Flight

Flight should be more than moving from A to B in the most efficient manner possible.  Domestic airlines don't sell this in their advertising, but foreign carries are still promoting this aspect of travel.  Here is an example of Pluna Airlines in Uruguay.  Really gets you excited about flying on a CRJ.