Monday, January 2, 2012

Points Inflation Strikes Again

It’s been a rough few months for points inflation. British Airways killed their zone based reward charts that had some great values and moved to a segment mileage pricing model.  Now My Coke Rewards has raised the price of a free soda from 30 points (24 points when I joined) to 40 points, a 33% increase.  Luckily I didn’t have a large balance in either program so I did not lose very much. 
It was 30 points last week

This does serve as a warning against sitting on large balances in programs because the prices can change without warning.  I have a diversified mileage collection with several carries, several hotel chains, and credit card points holdings.  Once you have enough for two round trips in first to anywhere you would want to go (or about 300,000 miles), you should think about diversifying your holdings.

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  1. This stinks! 33% I thought maybe it was temporary :( . Love those random free cokes I get :).