Thursday, March 7, 2013

Star Alliance Lost Another Airline

The Star Alliance has lost two airlines in the last two months (though they don't leave until 2014).  US Airways bought American and is going oneworld after the merger and today it was announced that TAM, as part of their merger with LAN, is going to be a oneworld carrier too.  This new (though not shocking) development will limit awards in South America, especially to small and medium cities.  Star Alliance is still my favorite for awards, but it's not the far and away winner any more.
TAM 777 Landing at FRA
I'm not counting Blue1 in this because it was disbanded by SAS.  The biggest loss is that their airplanes looked outstanding.  They also good availability (all coach carrier) around Scandinavia.  Spanair (also tied to SAS) stopped flying last year, complicating trips in southern Europe.  I enjoy connecting in MUC and FRA, but I do miss the flexibility.

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