Friday, July 19, 2013

British Airways Avios Award Chart

British Airways doesn't post their award chart, but lets you only price specific routes.  To save you the trouble of making your own award chart, here's the one I created.  The prices are for economy and are the same for British Airways, their oneworld partners, and Alaska Airlines.  Multiply by 1.5 for premium economy, 2 for business, and 3 for first.  Prices are per segment too, not total trip distance (find segment length or airport range), so avoid connections.  

Cost Max Dist
4500 650
7500 1150
10000 2000
12500 3000
20000 4000
25000 5500
30000 6500
35000 7050
50000 7500
25,000 Miles To Go SFO-LHR On British Airways

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