Monday, September 9, 2013

Qatar Airways Joins oneworld Alliance Oct. 30

The first big Gulf carrier will join an alliance soon.  This is a large departure from previous standard operating procedure.  Gulf super carriers have preferred to go it alone or make tactical airline to airline partnerships (Qatar and United were partners for a while).  With Qatar joining oneworld, there will be a lot more award opportunities available to member airlines and it should boost revenues all around.  I doubt Etihad or Emerites will follow soon though.  Those airlines like their strong positions and fly to enough airports in Europe and Asia to not need the feeder traffic a global alliance provides.  Qatar is also the smallest, though still large, of the big three and is looking for new growth.  Doha is just a connection point while Dubai is becoming a destination on its own. 
Qatar A330 at FRA
I like this because my American and British Airways miles are worth more with the new redemption options.  I don’t expect Star Alliance or Delta/KLM (also called Sky Team) to pick up a major Gulf airline soon.  That’s ok for now, SPG points and single airline partnerships can get me on those carriers if needed.

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