Sunday, November 17, 2013

Never Hurts To Call

I finished a business trip early and headed to the airport to try to catch an earlier flight.  I was booked on an 8:30 direct flight, but arrived at the airport at 1:30.  The check in kiosk only gave me flight options for the following day, even though a wave of flights to EWR, ORD, CLE, IAH, and ORD again were leaving in the next two hours.  Any of those cities could get me to Denver faster and spare me having to kill 7 hours air side.  The agent at 800-UNITED-1 was amazing    She grabbed the last seat on the flight to EWR and then on to Denver.  Twice the miles (I'm borderline on status this year), an earlier arrival, and saved me untold hours of boredom.  Even if the self serve options say 'No,' it never hurts to call.
Self Service Isn't Complete

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