Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Private Jet Inflight Entertainment

Private jets have the best seats, entertainment, bathrooms, and everything else really.  The equipment is usually made by suppliers that also sell to airlines, so there is a chance it will make it's way into commercial airliners.  Gold plated lavatory fixtures and showers seem unlikely on Southwest, but Emirates has onboard showers for A380 first class passengers.  
747-800 Cabin Model
Lufthansa Technik Cabin Model
Airshow (in flight map system) has an iPad app that gives a "panoramic view that allows passengers to see a moving map of the outside world from any direction the iPad is pointed – as if the aircraft were transparent."  Currently it is only available for business jets, but it should be easy to make it work on airliners that already have Airshow and wifi.  Wifi is another great example, originally only on business jets, it's now on most airlines and rather inexpensive.  I'm excited to see the next technologies that will be tested in private aviation and rolled out to commercial aviation. 
A320 Shower
Boeing BBJ Dining Arrangement
Bombardier Global 6000 Aft Stateroom and Shower

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