Monday, June 23, 2014

Grenada - Granada, What's the Difference?

I once booked a 9PM flight to Oakland rather than a 9AM flight.  It was my error and after a gate agent noticed the PM on my departure time, I was added standby to a San Jose flight.  It was my fault for not noticing what I purchased wasn't what I wanted and I bore the costs.  A Florida man is suing British Airways for flying him on the itinerary he purchased to Grenada (GND in the Caribbean) rather than Granada (GRX in Spain). This man should have noticed a few things were wrong, like the flight time, price, destination spelling, aircraft size, passport requirements, and (hate to be repetitive but) the destination. I would hate to see this guy win his $34,000 lawsuit because he should have exercised due care to ensure what he purchased is what he wanted.
British Airways LHR-AUS

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