Tuesday, July 1, 2014

I Need To Fly For Miles Again

When United announced a minimum spend component to elite qualification, I was concerned because I believed I paid about 6c to 8c per flight mile while the qualification minimum was 10c per mile. I thought it would be the end of flying cheap flights for miles. Also I wouldn't receive any spending credit for flights with partners, so I'd be at a larger deficit.  
United A320 at IAH
My travel this year has not gone as planned; I took a few short and expensive trips on United and not much else. US Airways leaving the Star Alliance has stopped my partner airline flying after only 2,042 miles flown in January.  I've also flown on Southwest points a few times this year, removing a few earning possibilities. The result is I've paid about 17c per elite mile this year.
United Express Jets At Denver
I can book some cheap trips for miles this year after all because distance is coming up short rather than expense.  I've been searching for some fun fares from Denver, but without much luck.  I may need to take a few PTO days and spend them flying coast to coast.  I can also fly to Singapore and return after 6 hours, but that seems like a bad idea (it would be in coach) even to me.  

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