Monday, November 17, 2014

United Copies Delta's Mileage Program & Stock Performance

United Airlines copied another aspect of Delta's Skymiles program when United changed their minimum spend for status requirement from 10c per mile to 12c per mile flown (fare not including tax and partner airline spending don't count).  $25,000 in annual spend on the MileagePlus credit card or a foreign address will waive this requirement. Another unwelcome development in the new MileagePlus program, but not as traumatizing as charging more for partner awards.
Delta 757 and A320
This move was not unexpected, United has been copying Delta for a while now.  Even Wall Street has noticed and UAL now copies DAL.  Now if United could copy Delta's operational performance, this copy cat behavior won't be entirely negative.
One Year Performance of UAL & DAL, Google Finance

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