Sunday, July 26, 2015

IGH - Priority Club Spire Elite Status

I lucked into this one.  I signed up for the IHG credit card for the 80,000 point sign up bonus and perpetual Platinum status.  It also comes with a free night certificate all for a reasonable $49 annual fee. Soon after my card arrived, IHG announced a new higher level in their program so Platinum is second tier.  I was disappointed because I wanted to buy top status for $49. The new level is called Spire Elite and I qualified because my credit card sign up bonus earned enough points to qualify. I doubt my domestic Holiday Inn experience will change, but this could be very handy in Europe where top elite status seems to be more meaningful. 
Spire Elite Status Could be Fun in Europe
The moral of the story is to wait until there is a 75,000+ sign up bonus before signing up for the card. I found my 80,000 offer on a reservation review page before confirming a booking. Also the card is a miserable point earner, so don't use it after hitting the sign up bonus if you aren't paying for an IHG hotel stay.

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