Saturday, August 22, 2015

New York Departure Problems

I wanted to get home Thursday. Bad weather in Houston and New York made it almost impossible.  
Number 18 for Departure
Flight Option 1: I started Thursday booked on a 7PM from EWR to DEN. I expected a quick day at the office and switched to an earlier departure.  Option 1 left 5.5 hours late and arrived in Denver at 2:30AM.

Flight Option 2:  I switched onto a 5:30 flight to IAH with a comfortable 90 minute connection to the last flight out to Denver.  I liked it because I would earn more EQM's and have better seating options.  The 5:30 flight from EWR to IAH was delayed 3 hours, but the IAH to Denver flight went on time.  Even if I got the 4:30 to Houston, it was 3 hours delayed and I would have spent the night in Houston, but I switched to a third flight.
I Counted 13 Waiting While at the Gate
Flight Option 3: I flew this flight.  I saw storms were coming into New York and wanted to get airborne as fast as possible.  I called United around noon and asked about flights to Houston, Dulles, Chicago, and Cleveland with no luck. I did get the last seat on the 3:30 flight from LGA to Denver.  It was a gamble because the inbound aircraft was running late and hadn't left the gate in Houston.  My flight was 2.5 hours late and by far the best outcome when I looked at flight details Friday morning at home.
I Made It to Denver on Thursday

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