Monday, November 9, 2015

Ryanair Business Plus Fare - Not Bad

No one ever says anything nice about Ryanair. News stories always focus on how awful they are to customers and what miserable management they have. Then the news story paradoxically ends that Ryanair is the most flown airline in Europe. Ryanair's popularity always seemed strange if they were with anti-customer pariah that should be shut down by regulators. I flew them from EDI to DUB two weeks ago and it was fine. 
Boarding at EDI
I booked the Business Plus fare type and paid $107.  The Business Plus fare included a checked bag, seat selection, ticket flexibility, a free boarding pass at the airport, and a few other items I didn't use.  This was about a $60 premium over the basic fare, but it was about a wash after adding bag and seat selection fees. On board I had an exit row seat that did not recline (like every seat). The leg room was good and the flight landed on time (Ryanair is the most punctual airline in Europe). I didn't order any food or beverages in flight. The experience surpassed my diminished expectations because the crew was friendly and nothing bad happened. There is a noticeable service difference between Ryanair and legacy European carriers, but with tickets starting a $12, people should not even expect punctual flights.
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