Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 - Year In Review

I saw penguins in the wild! This has been a long standing travel goal and I was able to accomplish it in 2016. It was part of a round the world trip I took with four one way mileage awards. I also enjoyed driving around southwest Australia (get full coverage and satnav from Hertz). I also made progress on my quest for lifetime status. I am now 75 nights away from lifetime platinum status with SPG (and Marriott). I'm also 150,000 miles from lifetime Star Alliance Gold thanks to United.

2016 wasn't all smooth sailing. I had two United trips cancelled and refunded because of irregular operations. It was extra frustrating because I lost upgrades, status opportunities, and two days. Lufthansa also went on strike and interrupted a trip to Europe with <24 hours notice. Air Canada also canceled a transatlantic flight on me. I flew a total of 159,969 miles this year.
2016 Paid Travel
2016 Total Travel
Travel Highlights of 2016:

Favorite Photos:
View of London from my A380 Seat

Aircraft at HNL

Lounge View at IAH in the Morning

Paris is Lovely

Denver also Photographs Well

Southwest 737-300 Take Off from PVD

Brussels Airport - Sigh

I Love 747's

I Really Love 747's

737 Landing at SYD

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