Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Let's Not Bother to Pretend

The sales pitch for support animals doesn't even pretend it's to help the infirm, it's just to bring your dog on vacation for free. I would think people so emotionally handicapped should not be flying. They are, supposedly, on a razor's edge in the best of times. They would be a danger to others in case of an emergency. 
Add I Saw for Free Pet Travel
Also a dog won't help nervous flyers. Try a teddy bear; Boeing sells aviation themed bears. The teddy bear is better to travel with, not inconvenient to others, and requires no attention if sleeping. If you have a serious fear of flying, get over it. Really, it's that simple and classes are available so you can get over it. Solve problems people, that's the best way to go through life.
Fly Private if You Want To Bring a Pet

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