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Monday, October 17, 2016

Longest 777-200ER Flight In The World

United Airlines operates the longest 777-200ER flight from EWR to HKG, about 16 hours on board and over 8,500 flown miles. I flew it in coach. It's not bad if you have a good seat and travel prepared. 
Economy Seat Recline

Open middle seats make a world of difference. An open row is amazing. Otherwise shoot for an exit row (right side is better than left) or Economy Plus. I booked an exit row when I make my reservation then hold onto it until I'm at the gate and get a decent feel for the seat map. I was able to switch into an open middle row of 3 seats at the last minute and have all that space to myself.  It made for a nice trip.
777-200ER to HKG
Fly with ear plugs and an eye mask. The cabin is always noisy and next dark. Also avoid caffeine for the day. It's hard enough to sleep on board. Take a walk around the cabin every hour or two when awake. It helps. Also stock up on podcasts or bring a book, the TV's don't always work.
Exit Row Leg Room
Broken TV - It Reset After About 20 Minutes
Pack snacks. The food is ok, but infrequent.  The beer is free and the wine is undrinkable. Spirits cost money.
Pasta Dinner
More Pasta
Noodle Breakfast - Good
More Noodles - Still Good

Friday, November 13, 2015

British Airways Premium Economy Review

What is premium economy?  Premium economy is not on US carriers. Economy Plus, Main Cabin Extra, and Comfort+ are all economy with a little more room, 2-6in, to the row in front.  Many foreign carriers are installing a new cabin on long haul flights for premium economy.  Lufthansa describes it as: “A new travel experience between Business Class and Economy Class on long-haul flights: enjoy more comfortable seats, more service and more extras.” British Airways promotes: “a more comfortable, relaxing experience on longer routes and proof that a premium service doesn't have to break the bank, wider seats and more legroom, small, intimate cabins with expert, attentive service, delicious meals and full bar service, personal entertainment system with noise-reducing headphones, [and] larger free baggage allowance.”
Seat and Amenity Kit
Premium economy is a class between economy and business class, but is it a step up from coach or a step down from business class? The Qantas A380 upper deck has business, premium economy, and economy seats; 6, 7, and 8 seats per row respectively.  A British Airways 777 has 8 wide premium economy and 9 wide coach. The cabin is like economy in most ways.  There is no lounge access and the seats reline far, but are not close to flat.  The food service is improved, but still a single course.  The drink menu is the same as coach and the business class bathrooms at the front of the cabin are roped off.  Luggage isn’t expedited, general security lines are used, and passengers are directed to the general check in line. This is definitely an improved economy experience and not a Spartan business class service.
Premium Economy View
I enjoyed my British Airways World Traveler Plus experience.  I was originally booked on a 747-400 with the first version of premium economy. I misconnected in Heathrow because of a 4 hour fog delay. The delay was great, the Captain invited passengers into the cockpit to chat and kill time; it was a wonderful and rare experience. I was rebooked on a 777-300ER to Houston with the new cabin style. The service is the same, but the TV is better, there are more power outlets, and other little enhancements. I barely made the flight and was greeted with an offer of OJ or Champagne. I settled in to my seat in the last row with limited, though still ample, recline. The TV was large and clear and the seat next to me vacant.  I settled in and enjoyed the meal service. Bar options are the same as coach, Red Label rather than Black Label. The seat was comfortable for the 10 hour trip and I landed in Houston refreshed. As an added surprise, my luggage made it with me to Houston (United left it in Houston for the night while I went to Denver). 
Premium Economy Meal
Good trip and a great option when business class can’t be booked.  It’s also a great upgrade option, often $300ish dollars more than coach one way.  If you set your expectations that it’s an improved coach, you’ll be delighted with the value.
No First Class, but Ample Premium Economy

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Here's A Picture I Like

It's snowing in Denver, but this picture has me dreaming of a trip on Singapore Airlines.  
Rear View of Singapore 777

Sunday, January 6, 2013

United Airlines 777 Rear Facing Business Class Seats

I always wondered what the rear facing business class seats on United were like, so I grabbed one (with an upgrade) last month on a flight from Denver to Chicago to find out; I didn't want a longer test in case I didn't like the feeling. I really didn't notice a difference in flight.  The bigger issue with seat 9A was a missing window and claustrophobic feeling.  The forces experienced at take off and landing are reversed too; it wasn't uncomfortable, but just felt a little off.  
United Airlines 777 Seat 9A Rear Facing Business Class Seat

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

United Airlines 777 Business Class Seat

I had to fly to White Plains, NY, for work last week. And had a full day to travel, so I picked the most interesting flight I could find.  I was able to book an international configuration 777 with the new lie flat beds in business.  My upgrade cleared (I wish I could book business directly) and I was flying 6A to Chicago. 
United Airlines 777 Business Class Flat Seat
United Airlines 777 Business Class Flat Seat
The United 777 business class seats are set up with five rows of 2x4x2 seating.  The middle seats don’t have a lot of privacy and the cabin felt a little crowded. 
United Airlines 777 Business Class Flat Seat
United Airlines 777 Business Class Flat Seat
United Airlines’ business class seat is one of the best in the air.  It is about six feet long is truly flat (parallel to the floor).  There is a good AVOD system with a great selection of movies, new and old.  I watched Wall-E on my trip and a bit of Toy Story 3.  There is no under seat storage with these seats, so I grabbed my Bose headphones and Economist and tossed my bag in the overhead bin.  The seat controls are easy to understand and there is a myriad of comfortable positions for the seat.  The window seat has a good feeling of privacy, but it is not impossible to have a conversation with your seatmate either. 
New United Airlines 777 Business Class Flat Bed Seat
United Airlines 777 Business Class Flat Seat
United does not have the best food in the air, usually their good meals can be described as edible.  Breakfast was an egg McMuffin and yogurt.  Not bad, but not filling or exciting either.  Continental has a much better breakfast spread and I hope the new United keeps what Continental serves.  The Bailey’s and coffee was ok, United switched coffees and I am not a fan of the new blend (United Club coffee is unpalatable).  Increasing the ratio of Bailey’s to coffee fixed the taste problem. 
United Airlines Business Class Breakfast
United Airlines Business Class Breakfast
The flight went quickly and the service ended early due to turbulence over Illinois and Wisconsin.  It was a pleasant flight staffed with a senior crew that was very professional and enhanced the experience. 
Rainy day at ORD
It was raining in Chicago and my E170 flight to HPN was canceled.  I lost my first class seat, had an extra three hours at ORD (I wasn’t the only one with an extended stay, there was not a single open seat in the F gates United Club), and was stuck on a CRJ.  Still, could be worse, I could have been in the office.