Saturday, October 6, 2012

JP Morgan Palladium Card Disappointment: 2012 Hotel Guide

A small envelope from JP Morgan was in my mail box today.  This is always an exciting proposition; the last card like this I received was an invitation to a series of receptions at Christie’s in New York.  I opened the card (heavy card stock naturally) to find that it was a link to the 2012 Destination Guide that lists hotels that give preferential treatment to card members that book through the JP Morgan Palladium Card concierge.  This is a serious disappointment.  Last year they sent out a hard cover book, a 26MB pdf is hardly a reasonable replacement.  This rather unimaginative and pedestrian action leaves me feeling disappointed.  Not the customer experience they should be creating.  The annual fee on this card should be enough to cover the printing costs.  I hope JP Morgan doesn't devalue the card experience further or it might not be worth renewing (my card renews in January and it wasn't on my mind until today).
JP Morgan Palladium Card Hotel Guides 2011 (Left) & 2012 (Right)

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