Sunday, December 30, 2012

US Airways A320 First Class Lunch Review

I had a bad first impression with US Airways first class last month.  They got a second chance last week and I had a much better experience.  I was on an older, former America West, A320 and the seat reclined about 1 inch.  There was no wifi (first class has to pay if available) or other form of entertainment offered other than the meal service.
US Airways First Class Lunch - It's Chicken
The meal service was a choice of chicken or pasta.  I went with chicken (too many bad pasta experiences, even though it looked good for my seatmate) and enjoyed it thoroughly.  There was great flavor to the main dish. I also like the Caesar salad and cheese and tomato dish. Desert was a light lemon cake, but I didn't eat much because I was comfortable full from the main dish.  A snack basket with chips, cookies, and other treats was passed around after about two hours and available to pick over until landing. It's a nice touch I hope United will copy and help cement a good experience despite an uncomfortable seat.
US Airways First Class Dessert

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