Friday, December 28, 2012

US Airways Express CRJ-900 First Class Review

I flew on a new (for me) aircraft type today.  The CRJ-900 is the stretched version of the CRJ-700 and doesn't feel very spacious. The windows are narrow and the overhead bins are tiny (Embraer jets have bigger windows, usable bins, and feel more spacious). The seat was comfortable and had plenty of leg room, even with my backpack under the seat in front.  The first class service was spartan (45 min flight) with a single drink and a small snack bag.  Not a bad flight, but the CRJ-900 feels obsolete even though it's a newer model.  I have another flight in US Airways first class today, so things can still improve.
US Airways CRJ-900 First Class Seat 
US Airways CRJ-900 First Class Seat Reclined

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