Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Gulfstream Sets 30 World Records in 2012

Gulfstream hosted a press conference today at EBACE13 to announce setting 30 new aviation records.  The G280 was the star of the year setting 22 world records including Honolulu to Savannah at an average speed of 569 mph.  The G650 had the fasted speed of 587 mph averaged from Washington to Geneva.  These records are for aircraft in their class, not outright, but it’s still exciting to have new aircraft pushing boundaries during a turbulent period for the industry.  Jonathan Gaffney, the president of the Federation Aeronautique Internationale (discussed in my round the world musings), was on hand to present the awards.  
Award Presentation
Gulfstream G650 on Static Display
Gulfstream G650 Cabin with 28in Windows
Gulfstream Family on Display

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