Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Nicest CRJ's Ever

Bombardier's business jets have the same cabin width and height as the CRJ family they also produce.  The Challenger 850 is the same aircraft as a CRJ-200, just with a different interior (and the 850 is the long one).  Even though 50 seat jets are falling out of favor with airlines, these aircraft are growing in popularity as business jets. A used and perfectly functional CRJ-200 in desert storage can cost $2-4 million.  New owners just have to replace the interior and they have a large cabin business jet for about a tenth of the cost and three years sooner than a new Gulfstream G650 (more detail on CRJ-200 conversions).  So what can your CRJ-200 be like if it were set up for 10 to 14 people rather than 50?
Global 6000 Cabin
Rear of Global 6000 Cabin
Global 6000 - Full Shower
Bombardier Challenger 300 Cabin
Bombardier Challenger 605 Cabin
EBACE13 Static Display

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