Thursday, August 28, 2014

American & US Airways Won't Sell Tickets on Orbitz

I use Hipmunk and Travelocity to book tickets and rarely pay to fly American or US Airways, so the news that American Airlines (US Air too) will stop selling tickets through Orbitz doesn't impact my travel rituals.  It is interesting that a major airline is removing their tickets from a major(ish) online travel site.  The fees Orbitz demands must be ridiculous.  American will lose some business from this, but it must be worth it.  Fighting the booking engine fees will also show the seriousness of threats made to other websites; American isn't bluffing.
Now Departing Orbitz for
None of this matters to Southwest flyers because Southwest tickets are only sold through Southwest.  Other major carriers can't copy that model now because too many people prefer comparison sites and won't check other airlines that aren't listed.
Not a Problem for Southwest

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