Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 - Year In Review

My travel in 2014 did not go as planned.  I only flew 41,274 paid miles and was able to grab United Gold status.  The downgrade from Platinum will be rough, upgrades are uncertain for all but 1K's, soon I'll be surprised to see any.  I did keep SPG Platinum and get closer to lifetime Platinum status (500 nights AND 10 years as Platinum) and Hertz likes me too.  I'm still hurting from the points inflation in 2014 and hesitant to burn miles at what I think are exorbitant rates.  
2014 Paid Travel -
2014 Total Travel -
Here's some highlights from 2014:
T-6 Texan
O'Hare Airport
I Love the 757
Sunset in Portland

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