Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Airline Galley Cart As A Home Bar

Lufthansa’s inflight shopping magazine has some great items because they have airport shops in Frankfurt and Munich, so they can sell many interesting pieces that don’t fit in the onboard duty free cart. They even sell refurbished galley carts for use as bars at home.  I loved the idea, but I cringed at the price of €1,000 or more.
My Very own Galley Cart
I started to search for these on my own.  I looked at eBay and emailed used aircraft part suppliers.  Stewart Industries sells used American Airlines carts with drawers for $300 plus shipping from Oklahoma.  eBay was my best bet for choice, there are tons of carts in different conditions and from different carriers ranging from a few hundred dollars to over a thousand.  Different ones pop up now and again, so wait a few weeks if one that fits your tastes isn’t available immediately.
Galley Cart as Bar
The galley cart I bought was made by Driessen (Zodiac Aerospace) in April 2012 and was used by Hawaiian Airlines on their 767’s.  The cart is in great shape, glides effortlessly, and the breaks and door closures function like new.  It just needed some light cleaning and it’s ready for action.  I also bought some lightly used British Midland drawers on eBay to hold a few bottles and glasses; accessories are varied and plentiful.
Large Volume for Storeage

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