Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 - Year In Review

I easily reached my hotel goals in 2015, but then Starwood and Marriott announced a merger. My longer term goal (2 years away) of lifetime SPG Platinum status is now in jeopardy. I made United platinum even with limited work travel, including flights on Delta. This is better than expected and will be hard to maintain. 2015 also saw American and US Airways merge with little drama. Major award programs devalued their programs; since they all did it, I'm still a loyal and frustrated United flyer. 2016 will be a tough year with limited business travel more award program devaluations. I used my American miles to book a RTW trip in the spring, so there will be some fun from the miles game.
2015 Paid Travel -
2015 Total Travel -
Here's some highlights from 2015:

  • My DUB-LHR flight was delayed 4 hours and I chatted with the pilots in the cockpit for most of that time. I love the idea of the future pilot program, but my career plan needs an adjustment first.
  • While in England I enjoyed plane spotting at London City. I also had horrible food poisoning and didn't want to venture too far from my hotel. The UK forbids personal scanner use, so Channel 9 wasn't available.
  • Thanks to a Sheraton free nights promotion, I had a great long weekend in Hawaii. There was a $32 resort fee, so it wan't really free, but low marginal cost.
  • New Aircraft - Boeing 787-800.
  • New Airports - Dublin (DUB), London City (LCY), Edinburgh (EDI), Omaha (OMA), and JFK.
  • Favorite photos of the past year:
Dublin Morning Traffic
View From The Room - Sheraton Waikiki
Morning Flight from DEN to SFO
Runway 18 Center at CLT
EWR Doesn't Always Look Miserable

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