Friday, October 3, 2014

I Ate Only Airline Food For Two Days

I'm running short on status miles again this year, so I took two trips to Puerto Rico last month and stayed in the airport for less than an hour each time.  As a fun game, I decided to eat only food served in flight for the whole two days of travel.  The results were mixed, ranging from a very good steak to a frozen banana and a small bag of crisps.
Breakfast Day 1
737-900 First Class Seat With Free DirecTV
United Airlines Classic Snack Box - $7.99
CRJ-200 Row 1 Seats
First Class Light Snack on ~500 Flight
United A319 First Class Row 1
Overnight Flight Cheeseburger Meal
757 Seat On Overnight Flight
Breakfast on Day 2
More Uncomfortable 737 Seats
Warm Nuts and Beer
Soup is Always Good
Another 737 Seat, This Time On The Right Side
Final Meal After Two Days Eating With United

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