Monday, October 27, 2014

I Should Fly Private

The allure of private aviation is picking your fellow travelers. I was flying this weekend for work and the experience was great, except for other travelers I encountered.  I had a connection at EWR and my flights in and out were pleasant and arrived early. The problems came from people not familiar with the Walk Left, Stand Right concept on escalators and moving walkways. Also one person next to me smelled like they boarded right after a long workout at a gym. The kids sitting behind me were also playing their iPads at full volume and their parent didn't care. I won't tolerate noise from an electronic device other then headphones.  I immediately got the parent to put a stop to it; if not I would have called a flight attendant (I've done that before to make a point that "turn it down" and "silent" are different).  Basic courtesies and manners would greatly improve everyone's flying experience; too bad they are harder to find than an early flight from Newark. 
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