Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Checking a Firearm on Southwest Airlines

Southwest is a great airline to fly if you need to travel with firearms because every ticket comes with two free checked bags.  Since firearms need to be checked, this saves a noticeable amount of money.  Firearms need to be in a hard sided case and that case needs to be locked (full details).  The case can then go into your suitcase if it fits.  You need to be able to open the case at the airport if asked, so keep the key or combination handy. When checking your bag, tell the agent you are checking a firearm.  They'll give you a Southwest Airlines Firearm(s) Declaration card to fill out and inform you of next steps.  These vary by airport, but, in general, the TSA will examine the bag and you will need to be available to open it if requested.  Plan on the process taking an extra 30 minutes.

Southwest Airlines Firearm(s) Declaration

I understand that the carriage of a loaded weapon is a violation of federal regulations. I therefore declare the following regarding the firearm(s) contained in my luggage: 
1. The firearm(s) chambers are free of a munition in the magazine clip has been removed (when applicable). 
2. Loaded magazines or clips are package to prevent accidental activation of the primer.
3. The unloaded firearm(s) is inside a hard – cited locked container and I alone am in possession of the key or combination.
4. My total allowance of checked luggage contains no more than 11 pounds of ammunition and it is securely packaged in an appropriate container.

I also understand that state laws vary regarding registration, possession, and carriage of weapons. I acknowledge that I am responsible for knowing and following the firearms laws of the states to and through which I will be traveling.
Southwest 737's in Vegas

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