Saturday, January 10, 2015

Earn Miles While You Can

My miles earning ability will be severely curtailed this year.  My first problem is I will be dropping in United status from Platinum to Gold on February 1.  Gold members used to earn a 100%, but since the Continental merger, it now earns a paltry 50%.  Then on March 1, United will award miles based on fare price, not distance.  This will take the fun and value out of mileage runs (flying just to collect miles).  It will also remove value from cheap flights over long distances.  Lastly my credit card portfolio is weighted to cash back rewards. This can change, but I enjoy 2% back or more on my spending.

I do have two mileage run trips booked this month with about 21,000 miles flown.   This will be a great last hurrah.  It will also get me a good start on 2015 status and closer to my million miller goal.

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