Thursday, June 2, 2016

QANTAS A330 Sydney to Perth

QANTAS's new business suite is the best premium cabin seat I've flown domestically.  It's also better than all seats I've flown, but Lufthnsa's A380 first and British Airways' A380 first. The seats are new and go full flat. Every seat has direct aisle access and a huge TV.
A330 Business Class Cabin
Seat Fully Reclined
The A330 seats are much better than the QANTAS A380 I took in from Dallas.  Now that I am certain QANTAS knows what a good seat is, they should start refitting their A380 fleet immediately. 
Lamb Entree - Outstanding
The food was the best of my trip and the service polite and efficient.  This flight surpassed my expectations the most of any this year.
Staggered Cabin Configuration
I Loved This Flight
Another View
Starter Plate
Even QANTAS uses A330 in marketing as their flagship product. The A380 is from a different era.
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