Tuesday, June 28, 2016

South African Airways Johannesburg to Cape Town

The ground experience in JNB leaves something to be desired, even for transoceanic business class customers. The customs agents arrived at their well after the aircraft landed. Contrary to what was said onboard, they wanted filled out immigration cards from everyone too. Once I got through that issue, I went to the SSA business class arrivals lounge for a shower. It was closed. I waited for 15 for it to open, even though it appeared fully staffed. The shower/changing room was nice, but the coffee machine was broken and the food spread unappealing.
Arrivals Lounge Look
Slightly dejected, I worked my way through security and to the domestic lounge. The food spread was ample, English style breakfast options mainly, and the coffee machines was manned by baristas. I enjoyed some caffeine and eggs while waiting for my departure to Cape Town. The view was wonderful and I enjoy watching aircraft land with the sunrise.
SAA Business Class breakfast
SAA A320 Business Class Seat
There are 24 business class (like first class in the USA) seats onboard the A320. This is twice the number United carries, so award space is always ample. The cabin was less than half full, so there was plenty of room to spread out.  The crew was very friendly and I felt like they were genuinely excited to fly with me that morning. The breakfast, my third of the morning, was tasty and was nice to pick at. Sadly, it was too early for alcohol.  It's a pretty arrival on the way into CPT and I was glued to my window for the final 30 minutes of flight.
SAA 737

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