Monday, September 19, 2016

United 777 - 10 Wide in Coach

As part of United's goal to suck the fun out of air travel (why else remove Channel 9?), they are going 10 wide in coach on new 777-300ER's that will be delivered in the next few years. I was dreading flying in those (747's are 10 wide in coach, but the cabin is 25in wider), but relaxed because the current 777-200's are 9 wide. Except not, at least one is 10 wide (see Version 5). I was unfortunate enough to pull the short 777 straw recently. The seats were a tight squeeze in every direction, even in Economy Plus. The seat padding is miserable for an 8 hour flight. There was also no IFE offered. The top off a agonizing flight, there was a 3.5 hour mechanical delay and I missed my connection.
Looks the Same from the Outside
10 Wide and No Padding to be Found

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