Sunday, February 1, 2015

New Camera - Sony W830

My dependable Canon point & shoot has retired.  One of the in inner lenses got some dirt on it and repairs are not cost effective. My new point & shoot is the Sony W830. My iPhone is great for quick snaps with no zoom and good lighting, but I need a small camera that is good in low light and with an optical zoom. I settled on the Sony because I got a smoking deal on it.  I'm still getting used to the differences between Sony and Canon and am excited to post some new pictures. Contrary to many recent news stories, there still is a need for point & shoots, even though the market has shrunk.
New Photo Machine
Dirt That Forced My Canon To Retire Above Terminal
There's a Slight Shutter Delay - Still Learning
Have the Shutter Delay Under Control
A few samples
The joy of optical zoom
Works at night too

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