Monday, February 23, 2015

United Airlines Economy to Oslo & Back

I flew to Oslo again just for the miles and only spent 90 minutes in Norway before returning.  I did this trip once before for miles and enjoyed it very much because I was upgraded to business class.  This time was different, I was stuck in coach, an exit row, but still coach.  It wasn't too bad though.  On the way out, I had an empty middle seat and on the way back I had my own row.  Being able to spread out helps more than I expected and I was also able to enjoy a movie and sleep well.  Alcohol in coach to Europe on United is not free, otherwise the catering could be described as decent.  Next time I go to Norway, I'll leave the airport and not go in the depths of winter. 
United Coach Breakfast to Europe
United Coach Lunch from Europe - Beer Costs Extra
United Coach Dinner to Europe
I Was Upgraded to EWR on a 757

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