Sunday, February 8, 2015

United Airlines 757-200 Business First Class Seats

I love the 757; it's a wonderful aircraft without rival (Boeing and Airbus are working to change that). The aircraft is over powered, has amazing range, looks cool, and boards through the second door so first class passengers turn left.  Fewer United Airlines passengers are turning left these days though. The 737-900ER is taking over most of the 757 routes. The legacy United 757's are swiftly being retired to be parted out or converted to freighters for FedEx.  The legacy Continental 757's still in service are the stretched -300 version and the international configuration -200 version. These have 8 fewer first class seats, so upgrades are difficult to find. I was lucky recently to have an upgrade from IAH to EWR and enjoyed the big screen and the bed.  The seat was great and I slept very well. 
Seat 2A For Taxi, Takeoff, and Landing
Seat 2A Reclined
Seat 2A Flat Bed

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