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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Lufthansa and Hertz

Enter to win 50,000 Lufthansa miles by sending your complete contact information (address, telephone number, and your Miles & More Service card number) to Please state as a reference: “Miles & More competition.” 20 winners will be drawn from all the entries.
I Love Lufthansa
You also get entries by renting from Hertz and crediting Lufthansa. Good deal at 1,500 miles per rental. 

The offer is valid for all bookings made from April 1 until June 30, 2017 for the rental period from: April 1 until September 30, 2017. When booking, you must enter the discount number CDP 646999 and promotional code PC 203594. The minimum rental period is one day. The offer cannot be combined with other offers, discounts, or promotions. 1,500 award miles will be credited for each rental. Please provide your Miles & More service card number when booking, and present your Miles & More service card during the rental process. Hertz’s general rental terms and conditions apply for every rental in the respective rental country. All Miles & More members making a reservation that fulfills the above-mentioned requirements with the discount number CDP 646999, the promotional code PC 203594, and the Miles & More Service card number are entitled to take part in the competition and are automatically entered into the draw

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

I Won A FCT Ducky

Lufthansa's First Class Terminal runs a weekly twitter contest and awards the winner a rubber ducky. Here's my new ducky:
Bear Acquired Separately

Sunday, October 18, 2015

United Miles Buy Beer

0.7c per mile is not the best value available in frequent flyer programs.  Even with recent devaluations, 6c per mile is possible without too much effort.  To earn that high valuation, one needs 100,000 miles or maybe more.  For those who earn from one or two trips a year, such a large balance is inconceivable. 1,430 miles is achievable, but award tickets usually start at 12,500 for a domestic one way flight.  Rather than save for a few years, infrequent flyers can cash in their miles for a beer at Newark airport. This is a great way for people extract quick value from their flights. Just because it isn't the best value, doesn't mean it's not good value.
At Airport Merchandise Awards
Lufthansa has been doing this for years with their WorldShop in Frankfurt Airport. They have good selection in store and let you order online for in store pickup. They'll also let you pay with a mix of miles and Euros. United isn't close to Lufthansa, but it's a start.
I Love Lufthansa

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Lufthansa European Business Class Meals

I ordered the fish and loved it. Yes, on a two hour from from Madrid to Frankfurt I ordered the white fish option.  Risky, except I was flying Lufthansa and they have the best food on airplanes.  It was all really good.  They even serve a full meal on the 189 mile flight from Frankfurt to Brussels.  I wish American carriers fed passengers as well.  There's real food in the lounges too, so be careful not to fill up on the ground.
White Fish Meal from Madrid to FRA
Pork Option on Two Hour Flight
Quick Bite to Eat on BRU-FRA Route
Quick Snack on 737 to Brussels
Hot Coach Meal FRA-MAD on an A321
747 Business Class Dinner Chicago to FRA
747 Business Class Breakfast Chicago to FRA

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Lufthansa 737 Business Class Seats

Lufthansa has the same seats from nose to tail on their 737's.  Business class gets better catering and an open middle seat on every flight.  It's not the large recliner seat like in United Airlines' first class, but on short hops, it is still comfortable.
Blocked Middle Seat Every Trip
Thin Seat, But Still Relaxing

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Lufthansa Business Class Is Amazing

It's so Luftastic!  I love Lufthansa and recently flew their 747-8 in the upper deck business class (super quiet).  It was a wonderful experience, enjoy the photo's like I enjoyed the Glenfiddich Select Cask scotch.
Business Class Seat for TTL
Good For Sleeping
Glenfiddich Select Cask and a Starter
Main Pairs Well With Glenfiddich Select Cask
I Enjoyed the Glenfiddich More Than Dessert
I Drank the Upper Deck Out of Glenfiddich Select Cask
Flight Attendants Procured More Glenfiddich from Down Stairs

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Sensible Germans Use Fewer Titles

Ze sensible Germans at Lufthansa have a simple and practical list of titles for customers to select.  It's a funny cultural contrast to British Airways' title obsession.
Lufthansa A320 at Madrid
Lufthansa titles: Mr, MrDr, MrProf, Mrs, Mstr, MrsDr, MrsProf, Ms.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Last Flight of a Lufthansa 737-300

Lufthansa Cargo today posted a link to their flight radar map showing all the Lufthansa and Lufthansa Cargo flights in air.  I clicked on a few flights and then found LH9924 from Bangor to Tulsa.  This is the final flight for the aircraft D-ABXY because Lufthansa sends their old 737's there to be scrapped.  It's sad to see an aircraft's final flight after years of faithful service.  I flew a Lufthansa 737-300 last year from FRA to GVA and the aircraft felt up to the task.  Sorry to see this one go.
Last Flight For This Lufthansa 737-300

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Lufthansa First Class: Experience true luxury from $5029

$5029 for a round trip in Lufthansa first class is a pretty good deal.  The fare is from Boston to Moscow; two city pairs I have no interest in, but it is still eye catching.  Business class fares start at $2000 round trip with tax too.  That might be worth it just for the elite mileage and bonuses.  It's a slow time of year for Lufthansa, so now is the time to jump on these fares because they should be twice as much.  That is if you are inclined to pay for premium cabin travel with money.  I've paid with miles and enjoyed the experience.
First Class Awaits

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Good Travel Day

Good travel day so far.  Star Alliance Gold members can use the Lufthansa lounge at IAD or DTW even if they aren't flying Lufthansa.
Lufthansa Lounge IAD - LH Likes Roses

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

GVA-FRA-Sheraton Frankfurt Airport-ARN

I wanted to change my United award ticket after I started travelling and it was easy really.  A few caveats, I’m a 1K member, so there was no fee, (a fee may apply to general members), also I was not changing my city pairs or connection point, and finally I verified availability before booking.  That said, the process went smoothly really.
Lufthansa Cityline E190 Coach Seat Recline
Geneva was proving to be a bit dull, so I wanted to grab an earlier flight into Frankfurt.  I had booked an overnight connection and was happy to get to the Sheraton Frankfurt Airport in time to grab a bite in the outstanding club lounge.  Lufthansa had plenty of availability too, so it was looking promising.
Business Class Seats Lufthansa Cityline E190
The one complication was that I had no way to economically call United (this type of change can’t be made online).  Google Voice is charging for calls originating from outside the US and I never signed up for Skype.  Luckily my girlfriend was able to help.  I gave her my United number, pin, directions on the flight I wanted changed, and an overview of what to expect.  After a few minutes, I got an itinerary update from United and a reply email reporting success.  Easiest flight change ever, I didn’t even have to wait on hold.
Intra Europe Lufthansa Snack
Another bonus is that I went from coach on a full CRJ-900 to coach on a 40% full ERJ-190.  The E-190is a great 100 seat plane and there was plenty of space for everyone.  The flight from Geneva to Frankfurt was only an hour and light snack was served in coach.  It was a bumpy flight, but things went smoothly on arrival.  My bag quickly appeared at baggage claim and it was a quick walk across the terminal to the Sheraton. 

The Sheraton Frankfurt Airport hotel is my favorite airport hotel in the world.  I even stayed there when I was visiting Frankfurt rather than going to a hotel downtown (the rail link form the airport is fast and reasonably priced).  The hotel service is very good and the club lounge has an outstanding breakfast (including omelet station) and dinner presentation.  The rooms are fresh and well maintained too.
Sheraton Frankfurt Airport Club Level Room
Things did not go as smoothly the following morning.  I was scheduled on the first flight to Stockholm at 7:10 AM.  The security lines were long and slow (last time I went through the First Class Terminal with no problems), so I didn’t have much time to grab a bite in the lounge (also packed with long lines).  I soon had to go to the gate and the plane was at a remote parking position so a bus ride was required.  I always like being one of the last to board so I am not stuck on the bus forever. 

That idea didn’t go well because the first bus filled up and pulled away with 12 passengers waiting for the next bus, which pulled up immediately.  Then we waited for 30 minutes until we were told the plane left without us.  We were rebooked on the next flight 2 hours later and given €250 cash vouchers (really, they just added $315 to my checking account).  I’m fine with being paid $100 an hour to sit in the Senators lounge and waiting for the next flight.
Lufthansa A321 Intra Europe Snack and Seat
The flight to Stockholm was fast and enjoyable with great views heading north.  The aircraft was a new A321 and the middle seat was empty.  The sandwich was good too.  Upon landing there was a cabin announcement apologizing to those that missed the earlier flight and informing us that our checked bags had already arrived.  I quickly grabbed my bag, bought a ticket for the Arlanda Express train and was heading into Stockholm.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Lufthansa 747 & 737 Economy Class Review - Denver - Frankfurt - Geneva

I had a good feeling about this one until I got on board.  I was able to change my MileagePlus award ticket to get the idea timing for my flights from Denver to Geneva.  This was my first time flying long haul with Lufthansa in coach and I was expecting their entire long haul fleet to have seat back TV’s in coach (they have all the other times I’ve flown with them).  Once I boarded, I noticed the old business class (not uncommon, they are still updating aircraft) and then I entered the economy cabin and was stunned to find there were no seat back TV’s.  This was going to be a very long 9 hour flight (unlike my short 10 hour flight with Lufthansa in First).
Lufthansa 747 in Denver
The plane was packed with maybe 5 or 6 empty seats in all of coach, so there was no hope of spreading out with an open middle seat.  The seat on this flight was very well padded and comfortable.  It seemed to recline pretty far too.  Boarding went very quickly and we were soon on our way.  The drink and meal service started right after we hit cruising altitude.  The meal I picked was a very flavorful pasta dish that I enjoyed thoroughly.  Really, good airline food is served to the people in the back.
Lufthansa 747 Coach Seat & Leg Room
After the meal service was cleared, I popped a melatonin and tried to fall asleep.  Thanks to my eye mask and ear plugs (bring your own, they are not provided to coach customers) I was out until my neighbor woke me for breakfast, a quick and enjoyable egg dish.  Less than 30 minutes after finishing, we landed.  A surprisingly good flight, that would have been interminable had I not been able to sleep.
Very Good Coach Meal DEN-FRA
After quickly clearing customs in Frankfurt, I went to the closest Lufthansa lounge for lunch and internet.  The closest lounge was closed for remodeling, so it wound up being a very far walk.  The business lounge was packed and I grabbed one of the last available seats (Star Gold members can also use the Senator lounge, but that was a hike).  After a quick snack and some wandering the internet, I went to my gate for Geneva.  
Lufthansa 737 Tail
The Geneva flight was staffed with a very senior looking crew, odd I thought for a one hour trip (they are paid by the hour).  It turns out that for some reason the crew on this afternoon flight overnighted in Geneva, explaining why it is a popular route for the crew members.  The flight was fast and bumpy with impeccable cabin service.  They even fed coach passengers a potato salad and salmon snack, very tasty.
Lufthansa's Intra-Europe Coach Seat
After landing in Geneva, I grabbed the 75 minute free public transport ticket in baggage claim and went to catch my bus to the Intercontinental Hotel.  My trip had some good surprises and I was anticipating more.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Lufthansa 747-800 Picture

The 747 is a great looking aircraft, the 800 version is no exception.
Lufthansa 747-8

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Lufthansa 747 Looks Outstanding

The Lufthansa 747 looks majestic, it has to be the best looking airplane / livery combination in service.  Also the new American is much better in person, it actually looks good. The United Continental colors are also growing on me.
Lufthansa, American, and United at Denver

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Lufthansa iPhone App

I enjoy all things Lufthansa, especially their brand.  I am reading Lufthansa and Graphic Design: Visual History of an Airplane, an interesting review of their brand and it's developments over time (the book is too small for the rich imagery, it should be coffee table size book but is a small paperback).  I also like their iPhone app because it has a pictures section to download phone wallpapers.  The images are great, I have a 747-800 for my lock screen and the Lufthansa logo on a cabin wall for my wall paper.  The app is worth the download just for the images.
One of my Lufthansa Pictures

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lufthansa First Class Terminal Frankfurt & A330 First Class to Detroit

This is the return part of my Lufthansa first class adventure (Lufthansa A380 first class review).  The centerpiece of this part of the trip was the Lufthansa First Class Terminal in Frankfurt.  Only passengers flying in first class on Lufthansa, SWISS, and Austrian airlines that day.  The First Class Terminal is the cornerstone of Lufhansa's strategy to elevate the entire first class experience to make it beyond compare.  It worked.

Some quick highlights:
  • Personal assistant to take care of everything for your trip, concierge for everything else.
  • Full service restaurant plus buffet plus ice cream.
  • Cigar lounge with complementary cigars.
  • 80+ Scotch options, the average age of my drinks was 15 years.
  • Shower and bathtub facilities. The bathtub comes with a rubber duckie with Lufthnsa First Class Terminal logo.
  • Chauffeur service to flight.
Lufthansa First Class Terminal Frankfurt
Lufthansa First Class Terminal Frankfurt Seating
Lufthansa First Class Terminal Frankfurt Cigar Lounge
Lufthansa First Class Terminal Frankfurt Restaurant
Lufthansa First Class Terminal Frankfurt Buffet
Chauffeured To My Plane
The A330 was parked at a stand position with two sets of stairs for the front two doors on the left side.  As my Mercedes pulled up to the front stairs, a bus from the terminal started unloading passengers on the rear stairs.  I got stares from everyone on the rear steps as I hopped up the front steps and my driver followed with my carry on bag.
Lufthansa First Class A330 FRA
The seat on the A330 is a large recliner, antiquated by current standards.  It's comfortable, but I would prefer a lay flat option for overnight flights.  It worked great for an afternoon trip to Detroit. The service on the flight was the best I have ever experienced.  The crew was outstanding and surpassed anything I've ever experienced in air or on land.  The meal service was great too, the best I had the whole year.  Really.  The pigeon strudel was ineradicable.  I ate every bite despite having fill up in the FCT 90 minutes earlier. It was a truly unmatched experience. I was first line line to customs and cleared in less than two minutes. 
Lufthansa First Class Caviar Service
Pigeon Strudel For Lunch - Lufthansa First Class
Mmmmmm....Roquefort Cheese
Lufthansa Chocolate Yummies
Light Salad Mixed At Your Seat Before Landing
Unfortunately I had a connection on United to get home that was cancelled.  I'm glad I didn't have the perfect trip, otherwise I could never fly again.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Lufthansa A380 First Class Review

I flew on Lufthansa's A380 in first class before I started this blog and it was an amazing experience.  A friend asked me to write a post on it and let the pictures tell the story, so here goes.

In 2011 I used some United miles for a Luftastic flight experience and a few days in Copenhagen.  I was able to find a first class seat on the new A380 from SFO to FRA and I quickly built my trip around that award space outlier (I used ANA to search, but would work too).  I also wanted the Lufthansa First Class Terminal experience in Frankfurt and grabbed a FRA-DTW flight in the antiquated A330 first class (more later).  The DEN-SFO, DTW-DEN, and FRA-CHP-FRA flights were wide open and easy to make work.  A quick call to reservations and I was booked.

Lufthansa's A380 first class is an amazing product that puts United to shame.  The seat is outstanding with ample space.  It reclines into a fully flat bed and the flight attendants will make your bed while you change into your special Lufthansa PJ's. 
A380 First Class Seat and Personal Space
View From 2A
Flight Attendants Made My Bed, Then I Messed It Up
Lufthansa's flight attendants are the best I've encountered. The crews always proper and polite.   They also seem to genuinely care about your flight experience. I wish I could fly with them every trip.  They even helped explain the caviar service (it was my first time). The food was amazing.  The eggs and super crispy bacon (by request) were cooked fresh and better than room service.  
Post Departure Snack and Blue Label
Caviar Service
Salmon Fillet
Made to Order Breakfast, With BACON!
The cabin is unlike anything else.  There is increased humidity to help you feel refreshed.  The sound absorbing material was great, it was as loud as regular airliners when I wear earplugs or Bose noise cancelling headphones.  The bathroom is epicly huge.  The electric window shades were a fun touch too.
A380 Bathroom, It's Huge
First Class Lavatory
First Class Cabin Forward Section
I was disappointed to hear the captain announce we were 20 minutes from landing and I can't wait for my next Lufthansa A380 flight in first class.  
Morning Light